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I have been to many training facilities North and South of the Border some of the key components I've picked up over the years are culture, environment and hard work are a recipe for's great to see the winning culture, competitive environment and the no substitute for hard work on  display at Athletic Edge work outs. It's a recipe for success.

Jabri Arthur, Coach U of C Dinos Football


Ian & Lance are family to me and will always be people I can turn to. When I met them when I first was moving to calgary they took me in as a little brother and helped to mentor me physically, nutritionally, and personally as a man. They’ve helped me to grow on and off the court and I’ll always be appreciative of them. The training that they provide is next level and truly prepared me to endure the rigorous schedule that I face as a college athlete. I cannot thank them enough!

Fofo Adetogan, University of Maine, NCAA Division 1 Basketball


Ever since I started training with Lance, I have been pushed both mentally and physically harder than I ever thought I could be. He has helped me grow as an athlete and as a person throughout my years of training with him. Every time I walk out of a training session with Lance, I know I am better than when I walked in. He helped me grow tremendously within the last two years. Without his knowledge and expertise, I wouldn’t be anywhere near the player that I am today. Lance pushed me even when I thought I had nothing more to give, he showed me I had another gear, he taught me the mind will quit before the body does. I have gotten nothing but stronger, faster, tougher and more confident in my own abilities. Lance understood what I needed to grow as a hockey player and coordinated workouts that would help me with specifics of my game. Lance gave me the blueprint to the next level and all I had to do was show up and put the work in. While he has helped me with lifting weights, he has also showed me what I need to do nutritiously in order to get to where I want to be. Lance connected me with individuals who could help me reach my goals in my hockey career while also giving advice on academics. He gave clear insight of where I need to be to in order to pursue my dreams. After every training session with Lance, I take one step closer to becoming the best athlete I can be.

Moe Hakim, AJHL Drumheller Dragons

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