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This is a 12-week program lead by Lance Milton, that can be advanced at your own pace. The proper execution of each exercise takes priority over adding and progressing to the next phase.  All you need is access to a gym and the motivation to get started.

The objective of this program is to improve your overall athletic performance regardless of what sport you play.  Athletic Edge was diligent while designing this program to ensure we covered all the important aspects of developing a performance athlete.

There are four phases to this program. It starts with a focus on injury prevention strength and balance, throughout all ranges of motion; lowering the athletes chance of injury. Then progresses to strength; our rep progression method will allow you to increase your strength on all primary lifts. Lastly, power explosive movements; strategically placed throughout every phase to make sure your are transferring your strength to power.


These are all vital for all high-performance athletes regardless of what sport you play.

Investment: $100 +GST(-50%)

Access to Elite Athlete Development Program & videos via Google Drive.  

Pay and receive access within 24 hours.  If you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours, please message for support.

Please read this legal disclaimer before purchasing.

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